2011 MAS Award Winners

The following awards were announced at the April 15-16 2011 MAS annual meeting in Butte:

2011 Mershon Award:  Dr. Nick Natale, University of Montana

2011 Science Mentor of the Year:  Dr. Nate Bickford, Great Falls University

Undergraduate Best Research Scientist:  Matt Weaver, University of Montana (Presented both poster and oral presentation on the topic, “Will cation binding in the G-quadruplex cavity lead to enhanced efficacy?

Best Undergraduate Poster:  Alex Mackin, University of Montana Western – “Geometric realization of (13,3) and (13,4) round robin tournaments.

Best Graduate Poster:  Scott Steiger, University of Montana – “Synthesis of a divalent isoxazole-dihydropyridine for use as a potential drug to combat multiple drug resistance.

Best Undergraduate Oral Presentation:  Josh Beaulaurier, University of Great Falls – Commercially made fish feeds could potentially be exposing VHSV to P. herring and causing different growth in the pacific herring.

Best Graduate Oral Presentation: Richard McCosh, Montana State University – “Preparation of an atlas of the ovine hypothalamus for colocalization of key signaling peptides in reproduction.

Congratulations to all our 2011 award winners for a job well done!

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