Awards given to Junior Academy members

The following awards were given to our junior academy members at the 2011 MAS annual meeting in Butte:

The Gil & Marilyn Alexander Travel Award

The Effects of Caffeine on Precision Target Shooting. Mackenzie Enich, Big Sky High School, Missoula, MT.

The James Cusker Travel Award

Investigating the use of Ustilago bullata as a Biological Control Agent for Bromus tectorum: Is Genetic Variation Present within Various Ustilago bullata Populations on MPG Ranch? Stacia Hill, Big Sky High School, Missoula, MT.

First Honorable Mention

The Investigation of the Biological Properties of the Ayurvedic Plant Bacopa monnieri.

Michelle Nemetchek, Big Sky High School, Missoula, MT.

Second Honorable Mention

Is There a Difference in Academic Performance Between American Males and Females. Amy Galipeau, Sentinel High School, Missoula, MT.

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