2010 Award Winners

MAS 2010 awardees are:

  • Mershon Award: James G. Berardinelli (Montana State University)

  • Science Mentor of the Year: Brandon Honzel (Big Sky High School)

  • Best Undergraduate Poster: Matthew Weaver (U. Montana). Will Cation Binding in the G-quadruplex Cavity Lead to Enhanced Efficacy? Matthew J. Weaver, Nicholas R. Natale

  • Best Graduate Student Poster: Brent Lyda (U. Montana). Design and synthesis of neutral amino-acid transport inhibitors and the CNS. Brent Lyda, Ben Seaver, C. Sean Esslinger.

  • Best Undergraduate Student Oral Presentation: Kyle Richardson (MTTech). Microhabitat Structure Affects Small Mammal Abundance and Prevalence Of Sin Nombre Virus Among Deer Mice. Kyle Richardson, Scott Carver, Richard Douglass, Amy Kuenzi.

  • Best Graduate Student Oral Presentation: Michael J. Borgreen (MSU). Reproductive Rate of Semi-Free Ranging Bison (Bison bison) at the National Bison Range. Michael J. Borgreen, Thomas J. Roffe, Eli M. Berry, Richard B. McCosh, James G. Berardinelli.
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