2014 Recipients of Student Research Grants

The Montana Academy of Sciences is pleased to announce the winners of this year’s Student Research grants:

Allison M. Adams, University of Great Falls (Dr. Alex Shafer, advisor)
“The Effects of Detraining on Collegiate Softball Player’s Performance Indicators”

Bryon K. Anderson, MSU-Bozeman (Dr. Thomas Livinghouse, advisor)
“Exploring the methodology of allylbis(silane)-imine cyclizations in polycyclic alkaloid synthesis. A concise approach to the synthesis of the azatricyclic core of Asparagamine A and Stemofoline”

Erica Garroutte, MSU-Bozeman (Dr. Andrew Hansen)
“Using field data to validate satellite models of elk forage in the Upper Yellowstone River Basin to improve prediction under climate and land use change”

Pannu Khin, MSU-Bozeman (Dr. Christa Merzdorf, advisor)
“Positioning the Midbrain-Hindbrain Boundary during Nervous System Development”

Madison P. Martin, MSU-Bozeman (Dr. Michelle Flenniken, advisor)
“Evaluation of the Metabolic Signatures of Virus-Infection and Agrochemical-Stress in Honey Bees”

Katherine J. Martini, University of Great Falls (Dr. Chrissie Carpenter, advisor)
“The Effects of Generated vs. Store-bought Alcohol in Blood & Breath”

Elizabeth A. Mullins, MSU-Billings (Dr. Kurt Toenjes, advisor)
“Identification of potential targets of the Grr1p SCF ubiquitin ligase pathway in fungi”

Anthony Slominski, MSU-Bozeman (Dr. Laura Burkle)
“Life history traits of bees and forbs as mediators of phenological responses to climate change: interaction mismatches, survival, and community-level implications change”

Heidi J. Smith, MSU-Bozeman (Dr. Christine M Foreman, advisor)
“Linking biogeochemistry and ecosystem ecology: the role of dissolved organic matter decomposition in a Montana stream”

The award winners are required to submit their findings at the 2015 Annual Meeting of the MAS. We look forward to seeing your work. The Board of the MAS expresses thanks to all those who submitted project proposals. Keep those great submissions coming next year!

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