Mershon Award

Nominations for the Mershon Research Award should be sent to James Barron ( The deadline for nominations is March 15th annually.

About the Mershon Research Award:

Saralee Visscher, retired entomologist from Montana State University, founded the Mershon Research Award in the 1960’s, and named it in honor of her mother, Amy Mershon. The objective of the award is to recognize outstanding research or contributions to science by Montana scientists who are members of the Montana Academy of Sciences.

Annual Merson Award Winners as Presented by the Montana Academy of Sciences

2011Nick Natale, PhDUniversity of Montana
2010James Berardinelli, Ph.D.Montana State University
2009Douglas Coffin, Ph.D.The University of Montana
2008George McRae, Ph.D.The University of Montana
2007James HarkinsBig Sky HS Missoula, MT
2006Vernon Grund, Ph.DThe University of Montana
2005Charles Eyer, Ph.D.The University of Montana
2004Jay KirkpatrickZoo Montana/ MSU Billings
2003Richard Bridges, Ph.D.The University of Montana
2002Sharon Eversman, Ph.D.Montana State University
2001Keith Parker, Ph.D.The University of Montana
2000Russ Medora , Ph.D.Montana State University
1998Tad Weaver, Ph.D.Montana State University
1997Wong Shic Hong, Ph.D.The Univerrsity of Great Falls
1996Jack Sanford, Ph.D.The University of Montana
1995Tasneem Kahleel, Ph.D.MSU-Billings
1994Craig Johnston , Ph.D.The University of Montana
1993Rick Douglass, Ph.D.Montana Tech
1989Jack Tidwell , Ph.D.Montana Tech
1988Walter Hill, Ph.D.The University of Montana
1987Ken Emerson , Ph.D.Montana State University
1985Richard Field, Ph.D.The University of Montana
1984Jack Drumheller , Ph.D.Montana State University
1983Hugo Schmidt , Ph.D.Montana State University

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