Oral Presentation Instructions

All presenters (oral presentation or poster) must submit an abstract for the meeting by March 24th using the Online Abstract Submission form (and also register for the meeting). (Download Abstract instructions in pdf.)

Oral Presentation Instructions for MAS Annual Meeting:

Oral presentations will be held on Saturday. Oral presentation will be scheduled for 15 minutes, 12 minutes for your talk followed by 3 minutes for questions.

We recommend presenters use Powerpoint (or LaTex to pdf) to prepare their talks. On the day of the meeting, bring your file on a flash drive. Be sure to arrive before your session begins so you can transfer your file to the presentation computer. Check the schedule under Annual Meeting Program before the meeting begins to determine your session.

Abstract Format Instructions:

Title field: The abstract title should be in 14 point Helvetica, bold font. Species names should be italicized.

Authors and Affiliations field: All authors should be listed in 12 pt Helvetica font. The presenting author’s name should be underlined. The author’s affiliation should be listed on the line below. For multiple authors with multiple affiliations, each should be indicated by a numerical superscript.

Abstract field: The entire abstract (250 word maximum) should be in Helvetica font, 12pt font. Species names should be italicized.

Example of Abstract:

Title field:
The Genetic Origin of the Species: Evolution of Humanoids from Lower Organisms Through Accumulation of Polymorphisms.

Authors and Affiliations field:
J. Douglas Coffin1, Charles Darwin2 and Barack H. Obama3.
1Center for Environmental Health Sciences, The University of Montana, Missoula, MT. 2Cambridge University, London, England. 3Dept. of History, Yale University, New Haven, CT.

Abstract field:
Blah, blah blah, this section is a maximum of two hundred and fifty words.

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