2010 Junior Acadamy Award winners

The following four students were recognized at the 2010 Annual Meeting of the MT Academy of Sciences at MT Tech, UM on Saturday, April 10th. They received Travel Awards of $800 each as the Official MT Student Delegates to the National Junior of Academy of Science 2011 Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.

  • Marylin and Gil Alexander Travel Award: Rodolfo Villarreal-Calderon (Big Sky High School, Missoula) – Myocardial Inflammation in Young Adults Exposed to Air Pollution.

  • James Cusker Travel Award: Derek Parrott (Sentinel High School, Missoula) – The Streaming Velocities of Pulsating Auroras in Relation to the Precipitation of Charged Particles into the Ionosphere.

  • Third Place Paper: Morgan Squires (Big Sky High School, Missoula) –Identification of Sculpin Species in the Columbian River Basin of Western Montana: Are multiple species sympatric within a river?

  • Fourth Place Paper: Jordan Costello (Sentinel High School, Missoula) – The Removal of Barriers in Burnt Fork Creek with Regard to Water Temperature Suitable for Native Trout.
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2010 Award Winners

MAS 2010 awardees are:

  • Mershon Award: James G. Berardinelli (Montana State University)

  • Science Mentor of the Year: Brandon Honzel (Big Sky High School)

  • Best Undergraduate Poster: Matthew Weaver (U. Montana). Will Cation Binding in the G-quadruplex Cavity Lead to Enhanced Efficacy? Matthew J. Weaver, Nicholas R. Natale

  • Best Graduate Student Poster: Brent Lyda (U. Montana). Design and synthesis of neutral amino-acid transport inhibitors and the CNS. Brent Lyda, Ben Seaver, C. Sean Esslinger.

  • Best Undergraduate Student Oral Presentation: Kyle Richardson (MTTech). Microhabitat Structure Affects Small Mammal Abundance and Prevalence Of Sin Nombre Virus Among Deer Mice. Kyle Richardson, Scott Carver, Richard Douglass, Amy Kuenzi.

  • Best Graduate Student Oral Presentation: Michael J. Borgreen (MSU). Reproductive Rate of Semi-Free Ranging Bison (Bison bison) at the National Bison Range. Michael J. Borgreen, Thomas J. Roffe, Eli M. Berry, Richard B. McCosh, James G. Berardinelli.
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2010 Annual Meeting Photos

Rob Thomas, Keynote 2010

Rob Thomas (UMW) gives the keynote address at the 2010 MAS annual meeting

The 2010 MAS Annual Meeting was held April 9-10 at the Montana Tech campus, Butte, MT. Our keynote speaker was Dr. Rob Thomas, geologist with the University of Montana Western, who presented the talk, Fluvial Arctic Grayling habitat restoration and assessment, upper Big Hole River drainage, southwest Montana.

MAS 2010 Poster Session

MAS 2010 Poster Session

2010 Mershon Award

James Berardinelli (MSU) accepts the 2010 Mershon Award from MAS president James Barron

Award winners included Dr. James Berardinelli, animal scientist from Montana State University, who was recognized for his years of contributions to science in Montana.

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