Oral Presentation Instructions

All presenters (Oral or Poster) must submit an abstract for the meeting by March 22nd using the Online Abstract Submission form. Please note that you should Register for the meeting when submitting your abstract. (Download Abstract instructions in pdf.)


Oral Presentation Instructions and Organization for MAS Annual Meeting

Oral presentations will be held on Saturday morning and afternoon.



We recommend presenters use PowerPoint (or ppt, pptx, as pdf) to prepare slides to accompany their oral presentations. On the day of the meeting, please bring your file presentation on a flash drive. Be sure to arrive before your session begins so you can transfer your file to the presentation computer. Check the schedule under Annual Meeting Program before the meeting begins to determine your session.


Organizing Your Presentation

In general, the presentation should include:

  • The purpose(s)/question(s) of the work
  • The hypothesis(s) you tested
  • A brief review of the methods and statistical analysis(es) used
  • The results obtained
  • The conclusions/interpretations of the result drawn
  • Suggestions as to further work


Presentation Length

Oral presentation will be scheduled for 15 minutes; 12 minutes for your talk followed by 3 minutes for questions and discussion.