Poster Presentations and Instructions

All presenters (oral presentation or poster) must submit an abstract for the meeting by March 22nd using the Online Abstract Submission form (and also register for the meeting). (Download Abstract instructions in pdf.)


Poster Instructions for MAS Annual Meeting (Down Abstract-Format-Instructions-2018_RevisedMontana-Academy-of-Sciences-Poster-Presentation-Instructions-2018load poster instructions in pdf.)


There is flexibility for poster constructions i.e. small deviations should not cause large expenditures of time and effort to construct an entirely new poster should you already have one that is close to meeting MAS standards. However, all posters should be neat and legible with a professional appearance.


Posters should be no larger than 66”x42” but they may be smaller (i.e. science fair size). Posters may be printed on rolled poster paper (i.e. by a poster printer) or mounted on poster board. Presenters with paper posters should bring push pins to mount their poster. Poster boards will be mounted with hooks provided by MAS.


All poster titles should be in a large, bold, font. All authors should be listed with affiliations (if different from main, listed institution) in numerical superscript, then name and address listed below. The presenting author’s name should be in underlined. The sponsoring institution of the project (preferably from the presenting or senior author) should be listed with institutional name, address and email address of the corresponding author. Other author- affiliated Institutions should be listed on the next line.


The poster should include the following sections with section heads in BOLD:


• Introduction (rationale for the project)


• Methods (Brief description of methods and/or experimental design; detailed methods can be included later in the poster or presentation)


• Results (text, figures, photos or line drawings reporting results)


• Conclusions (interpretation of results). Results and conclusions may be combined into a single section i.e. “Results & Conclusions”.


Title Example for Posters


The Genetic Origin of the Species: Evolution of Humanoids from Lower Organisms Through Accumulation of Polymorphisms.

J. Douglas Coffin1, Charles Darwin2 and Barack H. Obama3.

1Center for Environmental Health Sciences, The University of Montana, Missoula, MT.

2Cambridge University, London, England. 3Dept. of History, Yale University, New Haven, CT.