The Montana Academy of Sciences makes the following awards available for nominations each year; several are associated with the annual meeting, and others are from general nomination.


Please nominate your colleagues for a MAS award. There are numerous MAS and MJAS members who deserve to be recognized for their contributions to the science and the mission of the MAS. Some have contributed for many years, whereas others are just beginning their careers. Please nominate your deserving colleagues. Nomination Deadline is March 15, 2020.


For more information regarding each award and submission of a nominee, please contact MAS President Chrissie Carpenter or MAS Past President James Barron.

Montana Academy of Sciences Awards

Mershon Award $200
Brumley Family – Science Mentor of the Year $200
MAS Annual Meeting Keynote Speaker Honorarium $150
Brumley Family College Scholarship Best Research Scientist Award $150
MAS Annual Meeting Best Undergraduate Poster $50
MAS Annual Meeting Best Undergraduate Oral Presentation (general session) $50
MAS Annual Meeting Best Graduate Poster $50
MAS Annual Meeting Best Graduate Oral Presentation (general session) $50