Online Abstract Submission

The abstract submission deadline for the 2020 Annual Meeting is Sunday, March 15th.


Submit an Abstract Online


Abstract Submission and Content Instructions


Click the type of Presentation: Oral or Poster


Presentation Title field: Enter the abstract title in CAPITALIZED LETTERS. Immediately after the Title, and in parentheses, indicate the type of presentation you clicked on the side; enter either (ORAL) or (POSTER).


Authors and Affiliations fields: All authors should be listed under the “AUTHOR NAME” column. In the “AFFILIATION” column type the associated affiliated institution (e.g., high school, college, university, institution etc.) with the associated city/town and state of each of the authors listed in the “Authors Name” column.


Presenting dialogue pull-down menu: If you are the presenting author, click “yes”. Click “No” for each of the other authors.


Abstract field: The entire abstract should be 300 words maximum. It is a summary of the project or experiment following the scientific method telling others about how you conducted your project or experiment, and what question you are trying to answer. It should concisely and succinctly describe the content and scope of the project and identify the project’s objective, its methodology and its findings/results, and conclusions or interpretation of the results.


Key Words field: Enter up to 6 key words or simple phrase (two words only) including the species, variables tested, and major response criteria. The first letter of each key word is lowercase, unless it is a proper noun; key words are separated by commas and presented in alphabetical order. Please do not choose Key Words that appear in the project title.